2016 Toyota Venza

2016 Toyota Venza Remodeled

2016 Toyota Venza has a very beautiful design. Since this car will get a very effective high-quality design in its class, it will be a formidable competitor. New Toyota will have a good performance. You can quietly give preference to this car as the new Toyota Venza is indeed one of the most exciting cars in the world.

Changes in the 2016 Toyota Venza touched interior design, equipment and engine. Thus, Toyota Venza 2016 is a very comfortable car. In Toyota Venza you can go on vacation with your family, enjoy driving, and sleep in the car.

The equipment in this car is designed so that children are sitting in the back seat can watch cartoons or play video games. New Toyota Venza is also suitable to go in it for a business lunch with business partners.

The 2016 Toyota Venza has Bluetooth, GPS, navigation, equipment lainnya.ini. Thanks to all this, the model is indeed very comfortable.
2016 Toyota Venza has the following main characteristics:

  • Engine displacement – 2.7 liters.
  • Four cylinder.
  • Power – up to 267 hp.
  • Torque – 246 Nm.
  • Automatic 6-speed transmission.

Without a doubt this car will gain great popularity around the world.

Toyota Venza was developed specifically for the North American market and is designed for customers who love bold design solutions and luxury combined with practicality.

Four-wheel drive Toyota Venza is intelligent. The system quickly optimizes torque distribution for stable acceleration and perfect handling even on slippery and wet roads. Unlike conventional SUV Toyota Venza has low center of gravity, and it does not heel in turns.

The interior impresses with luxury and elegance. The interior of the new Toyota Venza used safely insert wood or carbon fiber, seat and steering wheel upholstered in high quality leather and the dashboard has a nice LED backlight. Interior ergonomic and extremely spacious, and the rear seats easily fold. Thus it transformed into a full-fledged crossover roomy wagon. For the comfort of rear passengers are provided a folding armrest with cup holders, adjustable seat backs, heating and several niches for storage of different small things.

Comments about this vehicle are said that it is very comfortable, roomy and reliable car. The interior is spacious. Toyota Venza has permeability like a good SUV has. The advantage is also that in the trunk of the car is a lot of space, so the Toyota Venza is very suitable for a leisure trip with the whole family.

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