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One of the most recognizable and successful sports cars is the Japanese 2016 Toyota Supra, which enjoys great popularity among motorists. Due to the huge potential in terms of after-sales improvements, this rear-wheel drive car was literally all over the world tuning studio. But the biggest changes of Toyota Supra tuned up in Asia and the USA.
Inside of Toyota Supra there appeared a lever and a new tachometer from the company TRD, sport steering wheel covered with chamois leather Tanida MotorSports, one oil pressure sensor, sports seats in the back of a carboxylic OMP WRC, LED lighting and leather pouch, which is wearing brake handle .

It has been modernized in all seriousness. A six-cylinder three-liter engine giving out 220 horsepower. The result of his finishing has become more sonorous “voice” of the unit, as well as more impressive growth acceleration. The engine got a brand new cylinder head, throttle AE111, iridium spark plugs from the Twin Turbo CF. Fluel system was modernized and now it provides the ability to use petrol with octane number 91. 2106 Toyota Supra received a new exhaust system sports type, the new firmware control unit Short-side scene by TRD and cohesion of the RPS.

The popular sports car with excellent technical capabilities of Toyota Supra entered the domestic market in Japan back long ago. It should be noted that this power plant is the first production fuel-injected engine Toyota. Excellent functional equipment and the dynamic design of the 2016 Toyota Supra, contributed to increased interest from buyers in many countries.

Continuing to build on, the developers upgraded the Toyota Supra. The drop in demand for sports cars has led to the fact that in 2002, mass production of the Toyota Supra was suspended. But several times in the media appeared information that Toyota Supra may return to the world market with a new design and improved technical characteristics.

The manufacturer announced that the next version will get rear-view camera. This will display information from the cameras directly on the display. Thus, the driver will be able to assess the situation already directly from the display.
Photos of salon of 2016 Toyota Supra also surprise. The steering wheel is decorated in the style of sports, it is seen next to the classic speedometer and tachometer. The general view is decorated in black with patches of red elements. Salon is designed for two people.

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