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The concept of the FT-1 came out this year, and many amateurs and professionals interested in the surprises that Toyota Supra prepares this year. Since 2002, this legendary model has not been in production. People make predictions about what will be a follower, but no forecast is not fully confirmed. But after the appearance of the FT-1 more than anyone could really think about the characteristics, features and data 2016 Toyota Supra. Indeed, the whole audience was expecting that legendary car will return again.

Everyone can build their own versions, but the world of automotive engineering a remarkable, because this sphere of human activity is similar to an art form. The new model should, nevertheless, to keep their magnificent classic qualities, but it should be added, and a number of new. In keeping with tradition, the car lights will remain relevant for the Supra. Innovation may touch the air intakes and spoilers, doors shapes and appearance will be a modern, sporting and aggressive. Many fans of this kind of model would like to see two basic body styles: coupe and convertible. Indeed, convertible – the best option for almost any sports model.

The story will be different about the interior. After all, the designer can show here the fullness of his imagination. After all, this is a new appearance this aristocratic car – 2016 Toyota Supra specs – in the new decade.

With regard to the technical characteristics, it is virtually clear that this car will be a hybrid. It is now very fashionable and relevant. What more can be mentioned: turbocharged, 4-cylinder, worthy of respect for the power – 350 horsepower. All the latest technology will be used in this version of the car. And we can say that the 2016 Toyota Supra specs will be a worthy competitor for many supercar of all leading brands. By the way, another option is possible – V-6 engine, power – 400 horsepower. Indeed, it is – not a car, and fabulous art work for the real gourmets.

Toyota Supra 2015-2016 will be equipped with four-wheel drive, the variant Lexus RX. The cost of the car also remains a mystery, but it definitely will not be less than the previous version. Moreover, there are many secrets: some experts have already conducted a test drive, but they do not disclose their experiences and provide information publicly.

Japanese manufacturers sensitively catch the mood of buyers and requirements of the public. And the concern is always of high quality and perfect technology.

Rising and “going to the peopleĀ» of Toyota Supra 2016 is expected only at the beginning of 2017 and will be the first country the United States, then – Europe, and in Russia – this is a rarity, at least in the next 3-4 years.

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