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Today it makes sense to talk about the revival of the legendary cars, because the automotive industry is losing its former glory and many manufacturers are trying to recreate something profitable. The new Toyota Supra 2016 is such a case. The former glory of these cars will be back.

The price for 2016 Toyota Supra is completely unknown as indeed as the start of serial production of the vehicle. Although it was possible to drive the Japanese and some experts who conducted a demonstration test drive are not provided any details. In recent years the manufacturers have finally started to delight customers by interesting developments.

The novelty will be presented in this variant. Not all items will be taken, because the buyers are not willing to give more scrip for advanced technology in the world. And about Russia it will have a long time to prepare for a meeting with our local area. To do this, you need to prepare a special route, filling the appropriate quality and build a number of service centers. Even in Moscow, all this will take at least 4 years of serious training. No manufacturer will prepare the base for the competitors who are just waiting to settle in the already prepared site. According to the company’s plans the future generations will be a hybrid.

Videos and photos – is an indescribable pleasure. Every feature of each element requires a separate article, a separate award. Iin the design the buyer will be impressed strongly: the mysterious lights; smooth hood; functional bumper; large wheels; salon. The updated version is a hybrid car, the lights should consume as little energy. Therefore, the development of new technologies and the Japanese have been introduced in the headlights. The flowing lines of the bonnet surprise everyone. A small hump on the hood enlarges a small compartment. The bonnet, bumper and headlights create aggressive-looking image. On the hood is a mysterious insertion of a shield.

The front bumper creates a smile that bewitches to this machine. Light materials are used to reduce the weight to a minimum. The manufacturer assures that the great use of plastic in the design will not affect its security. There will start sales and we can all see this. Behind restyling is also seen. Those smooth lines as they are the front, the same plastic. A powerful hybrid coupe got wheels large size (20-22 inches) so that fuel does not pass over a standard volume.

Salon is designed for 2 people to be seated in comfortable chairs in super red. Reduced weight is required to use special materials.

In a new Toyota Supra 2016 price in Russia will vary in the range of $ 55,000. This is an amazing car with modern technology, safe and comfortable operation. Home sales in Europe will start half a year earlier.

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