2016 Toyota Supra FT-1

2015 Toyota Supra FT1

Many motorists have already heard (read or seen) about the sensational concept of Toyota, which was successfully presented at the Auto Show in January last year. It is about the concept FT-1. This car was designed by the same specialists that gave the public the Lexus LFA, Scion FR-S and Supra.

But what Toyota has decided to give us this time, as the company said it has announced & shown two new versions of the concept 2016 Toyota Supra FT-1, and according to them, in a very different light. First we certainly struck by the changes associated with the graphite color. A general version of the car hass been completely replaced red color and a red and black interior by more upscale and elegant color of leather interior.

But perhaps you still have questions about how well has undergone a change in the vehicle chassis? Unfortunately, there is no changes. The creators of this car decided not to change anything in the car except the exterior and interior. They said very seriously that the creation of this car they relate to the art sphere, they wanted to create a masterpiece, and not another expensive supercar. The company almost immediately decided to prepare for the release of the concept car on the racing tracks of the world (at least for now, that the only virtual), equipping it with broader wings, the more extreme aero, etc.

When we talk about a new car we want to know if it is different from former models of the same producer. 2016 Toyota Supra FT-1 is very eloquent case. Both children and adults are delighted of the technical decision and style. But few people can afford to buy this miracle of auto industry.

While we certainly can only enjoy much the exterior and partly interior of the Japanese masterpiece: the front part of the unit is decorated with stylish narrow, the original form of different lamps, and a very unusual bonnet flows seamlessly into a cute front bumper. And one more interesting moment: in 2016 Toyota Supra FT-1 there is not a grille available, because it does not need the electric motor in this part of the car.

Vehicle’s parts and feed a daunting number of fashionable lines and elements are to ensure the highest aerodynamic characteristics of this machine. The salon of the new “son” of Supra – two-place one. The place of the driver performed a separate area resembling the cockpit of a spaceship. And everyone can see the impressive looks of modern instrument panel, all devices of which are simply “strange” way. What eventually been done by Japanese designers – is not yet known. And a price of the new automobile is not known yet.

Toyota FT1 Supra

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