2016 Toyota Sequoia

2016 Toyota Sequoia Release

2016 Toyota Sequoia is another big SUV. Different speculations have taken place around the future of Sequoia. There were rumors about discontinuation, redesign and other changes. It seemed like Sequoia would be pushed away from the market by Land Cruiser, but this did not happen. You can still find Tundra-based SUV on the market. Despite a several-year old design, the changes in 2016 Toyota Sequoia will not likely be taking place.

There is a single V8 unit powertrain available for this model. Its curb weight is nearly of 6,100 pounds and its gross vehicle weight is of over 7,100 pounds. 5.7L V8 mill is able to make 382 horsepower and over 402 lb-ft of torque. It comes with a 6-speed auto transmission. There are both versions available, including all-wheel drive as well as rear drive models. The first one comes with a bit tweaked engine. For the states supporting E85 gasoline, a flex fuel motor vehicle is offered for AWD Sequoia.

Sequoia and Tundra have the same platform and that is why they look similar. 2016 Toyota Sequoia and Tundra have the same chrome-bound line grille. Actually, the whole shapes of the cars look much the same. The differences are made by tailgate and bumpers.

Three-row SUV has on offer much free space for passengers and cargo. All passengers will have much place for their legs and head. The cabin of the automobile is decorated pretty nicely with perforated leather or leather. Models come with 60 shades of gray. It shows the numerous car fans that not necessary a car requires being multi-colored to look nicely.

Everything in this model, including black dash, silver gauge surroundings, and gray glove compartments and seats, is combined harmonically. Instrument panel is divided into black and silver parts. Touch screen monitor can be prearranged in standard SR5 trim. 6.2-inch unit is connected to navigation and audio systems.

It is possible to order a more expensive model of Sequoia that will feature JBL speakers and rear seat Blu-ray disc amusement system that comes with nine-inch display. The 2d row captain’s seats are heated and available for Platinum models. Premium version only features optional chairs with no heating. 2016 Toyota is pretty safe thanks to its large mass. This maybe the motive why it does not feature the advanced safety features like multi-traffic alerts as well as lane departure cautions.


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