2016 Toyota Sequoia Changes

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Toyota Sequoia was presented on the market of the USA for the first time 60 years ago. It was the very first Toyota’s SUV on this market. Now we can enjoy the presence of Toyota Sequoia, which is the biggest SUV from Toyota. By issuing a new model, Toyota will delight us with the highest quality and great performances. Buyers will definitely enjoy the new interesting redesign. Toyota has spent lots of effort to make the 2016 Toyota a really great SUV for a family. Its exterior will not have many changes, but its rugged form is really charming.  There will be added some aggressive, but nice touches. The most of changes will take place on the front part of the new model. The latest model will also feature new headlights.

Changes in exterior also include scuffling, but there will be much in common with the previous versions. The main changes will touch the front grille as well as the bumpers – they will definitely get a fresh look. The newest 2016 Sequoia will have three trims, including Limited, SR5 as well as Platinum version.

There have also been many rumors that the lightweight materials will be used for making a new Sequoia. Thanks to the use of these materials, this new model of Toyota will much improve economy of fuel. Concerning the interior, no big changes will take place, but some will surely take. It can be explained by impressive and comfortable cabin of the previous models. A few changes will still take place, like the usage of modern materials as well as addition of a few technological features. Sequoia comes with three rows of seats. It has enough room to accommodate 8 passengers. This SUV will make a great choice for many families. With this car, distance will not matter. New Sequoia will also feature new audio, climate system and navigation, as well as nine-inch LCD screen. There is also a new modern system connection in the new 2016 Sequoia.

As for the changes in performance, Sequoia will come with 2 different engine options. The base model will feature 4.7 liter eight-cylinder V engine. It can make around 280 horsepower. More power is provided for another version of this car. It has on offer higher performances and more power that features 5.7 liter eight-cylinder V engine which will be able to make 320 horsepower. The six-speed auto transmission is provided for both engines.

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