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Toyota has always produced a great mid-sized trucks. Particularly they always were in demand from small and medium-sized businesses. There is good news for them – appearance of 2016 Toyota Hilux. Judging by the appearance of a new car, it is likely to become the best in its class. Aggressive appearance said that the new Toyota will be a real “King of the Road.” Clearer shape of the front of the car, of course, will amaze you. For nine years, the overall design of Toyota Hilux has not changed, but with access to the arena of the new model, everything changed.

Appearance of 2016 Toyota Hilux is very attractive. The interior is also worthy of praise, and not only that. We would like to tell more about what is inside the car. The first thing is improved quality of the components. Most manufacturers set these important components only in their luxury models, but Toyota offers the highest quality components in its basic model.

It is expected that the car will be resistant to dirt upholstery. There will also be other improvements that will facilitate the daily use of a new Toyota. This pickup will also have a fantastic audio system with six speakers.For those people who live in areas with unpredictable weather, Toyota has taken care to develop a new climate control system with which the driver will be comfortable.

All these characteristics are really amazing. The comfort level in the new car will be very high.

Although the 2016 Toyota Hilux is quite a big car, all the elements that provide the convenience of driving, are at a driver’s hand. It was studied in detail the human eye visibility, especially when driving, so the new Toyota has a very good visibility.

Buyers will appreciate leather seats, multifunction steering wheel and large screen infotainment system.

Toyota Hilux in general retain the usual proportions, but will get a new look of the front part. Toyota designers managed to adapt some stylistic solutions to such utilitarian type of body, as the pick-up. The new car will provide a heavy optics, massive bumpers and chrome grille.

The developers have taken care of the comfort for not only a driver but also for passengers. So, to move from one place to another in any weather in 2016 Toyota Hilux will be very convenient.

Toyota assured that improve some characteristics 2016 Hilux, particularly in terms of the strength of the car and its performance. It will be easier to drive than ever with the new pickup.

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