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Toyota Hilux is sold only on some automotive markets. But as to 2016 model Toyota Hilux, the manufacturer plans to make it a global model. This means that the car will first appear on the market of the United States. From this, it can be concluded that the manufacture of Tacoma is stopped. However, the official statement manufacturers did not do. It is expected that the model of 2016 will be larger and will consume fuel more efficient than the previous generation of these cars.

The new Toyota will be equipped with a new engine that will consume fuel more efficiently. The new Toyota will be available with the new engines, but it will be also possible to install motors of the previous generation. Most likely, the new Toyota will have a 4-in-line engine capacity of 2.7 liters, which will develop the torque of 188 lbs per foot and the power up to 180 hp.

New Toyota Hilux can be equipped with an engine which uses diesel fuel, has a torque of over 300 lbs per foot and produces power of 160 hp. Thus, the engine, in fact, will have extra torque, but use less energy than the existing 3-liter diesel engine with a turbocharger. Compared to the earlier model, the 2016 Toyota will consume fuel less by 10%.

The new Toyota will be available with six-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual transmission. The old five-speed box will be gone. The new transmission will be available with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

Cars with such a body, which has the Toyota Hilux, attract many of car owners. Production of this model is carried out by the Japanese company for 45 years. During this time the truck has gone through many incarnations, but it is popular so far. It is brutal and powerful car which is bought more often by men.

2016 Hilux is 20mm wider and 70mm longer than its predecessor, and comes with a LED headlights with daytime running lights and a slightly lower roofline. The rear bumper has been modified, a new trunk includes a rear view camera, which is offered as standard. Hilux is available with 16, 17 or 18-inch alloy wheels.

The most perceptible feature of the interior is a tablet that acts as a touch screen for the infotainment system, along with a switch 4WD, an LCD screen located between the speedometer and tachometer and leather upholstery.

Customers will be attracted with leather seats, multifunction steering wheel and a big screen infotainment system.

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