2016 Toyota Estima

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Toyota Estima is truly considered one of the most respected models of Toyota. Not only in Japan this car is attracting more and more attention, but in the whole world. It is an unrivalled car in this industry, but Toyota is planning to produce something more exciting. The future model is the 2016 Estima.


The manufacturer says that Estima 2016 will possess a brand-new aggressive appearance. The main bumper will features new angular details and the front grille will have a great sleek silhouette. No editions will be applied to the rear end of the new model. The Toyota Estima will not have a boxy shape similar to a traditional MPV.


Not only it will be spacious, but also a practical vehicle. The car will have everything for both comfortable and enjoyable trip. The seats will be both retractable and maneuverable to get enough room for relaxation. There will be a luxurious sunroof and huge side mirrors for another lush added to the look of the new model of Estima. By the way, these spectacular mirrors are square. Generally, it will be an ideal vehicle, perfectly suiting to large families.


No changes in engine will be applied for the renewed vehicle. It will have 2.4 liter 4-cylinder 2AZ-FE with 170 PS of the output. The auto will have around 2400cc of the engine capacity.


The presented to the market Estima will absolutely be notable from other models by its great performance. There will be all the needed modern technologies including WI-FI, Bluetooth, sophisticated sound systems, touch screen display and more. The touch screen display will allow the users to easily manipulate different functions of the Estima. The manufacturer will also include several safety features. For instance, the proposed car will have fire alarms, sound insulation, and air bags. It is not certain yet, but there is some information that the new version will also have electric doors.

Release date

Summer, 2015 – it is the expected time when the model to be officially introduced. Despite having so many great features and awesome design, the renewed Toyota will definitely face the tough challenge on the market.

All in all, the newest Toyota Estima must be a really exciting vehicle that will quickly earn a first-rate reputation. It will definitely have a unique aggressive look and a range of outstanding features. New Estima can really fulfill the hopes of Toyota on a brighter future.

2016 Toyota Estima Restyling

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