2016 Toyota Corolla Redesign     

2016 Toyota Corolla Interior

There are cars that are always kept top secret from purchasers for the period of its original testing phase. The aim of this is quite clear: not to let the rivals be acquainted with anything connected to some innovations and improvements that they have made. Therefore, the 2016 Toyota Corolla is one of such long-awaited cars. Now we try to describe some of the future features using some of the available photos.

The redesigned Corolla 2016 will impress its fans with touched bumpers and headlights. The front bumper has dark inset on the inferior grille with LED elements.

According to the latest photos of the Corolla 2016, all the stylistic changes will be amazing. The modernized model will have an effect on the options for all world markets.


2016 Toyota Corolla is power-driven by a spectacular 1.8 liter engine. It can easily deliver over 130 horsepower. The motor works together with six-speed auto transmission. The new Toyota will surely save the fuel to its potential owners. Toyota cares about environmental protection, thus, the new Corolla as well has lessened CO2 emissions.


The new Corolla will have spectacular cabin updates. The number of options in the Corolla 2016 can be overwhelming though motor, suspension and transmission will most likely remain unaffected. The latest Corolla sedan will acquire new head optics with integrated LED sections in it. There will also be revised front/rear bumper, and a revised number of engines. In addition, expert state, in the near future we will have pleasure to see a hybrid modification of the Toyota Corolla 2016. You can guess is when Toyota will present the updated sedan Corolla 2016 in either summer or in early fall, 2016.


Toyota Corolla 2016 will be presented with a spectacular and fashionable exterior. It will be featured with perfect aerodynamics. The improved front side of the automobile will give it much more forceful and sportier look. Due to additional vinyl colors, the new vehicle will look brighter and striking. Among the most awaited changes are the newest headlights, renewed rear bumper and a spoiler. Five passengers will fell maximum comfort on shiny leather modifiable seats. For gadgets enthusiasts there is a perfect opportunity to connect them all using audio inputs, Bluetooth, or USB.

2016 Toyota Corolla Limited

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