2016 Toyota Celica

2016 Toyota Celica Review

Experts announce that Toyota’s FT 86 concept has been the base for the 2016 Toyota Celica. The Celica has always been one of the most preferred models amongst fans. The Celica will be most probably released by March, 2016. From this very time you can buy it openly. The car`s price is expected to be between $ 28,200 to $ 32,500.
The Japanese manufacturer has prepared a car that will have an exceptional new powertrain, a mixture of modern systems, and a first-rate performance. The new Celica will surely have the distinguishing design. This car has already been called to be an ideal variant for taking up particular events with your relatives, friends or colleagues.


The interior of 2016 Toyota Celica (FT 86)  will be changed a lot. To improve comfort for both passengers and drivers, new seats will be installed. Both power locks and windows will also be modernized. The Celica is equipped with a new eight-speaker audio surround system. The constructors have also changed the car`s exterior. Amongst the most vital modifications is the usage of lightweight materials to reduce the car`s weight. The new Celica 2016 has got new wheels, original LED lights, and innovative bumpers. There is a stylish spoiler on the rear. Rocket panels were used for its production. The car has an aggressive grille on the front end.


This 2016 Celica model has been made to boost the comfort of the driver and all passengers. The automobile has received modifiable seats with airbags to guarantee additional protection. The new Toyota will admire every driver with harmonizing interior color, easy steer wheel and modernized cooling systems.


2016 Toyota Celica can be really proud of its six-speed auto transmission. Such an influential transmission, will allow the car having a faster speed. The Celica has a 3.8 L V6 motor. It will deliver over 308 horsepower. It will be paired with an outstanding gearbox. All these technical novice will allow the new Toyota be faster than the present model.
To sum it up, the great 2016 Toyota Celica will definitely be much better than preceding models. Toyota’s really professional team has made their best to make this car as superior as possible. Everything has been redesigned and modernized: transmission, motor, cabin, etc. With the help of all these car innovations, the Toyota designers have also achieved significant fuel savings.

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