2016 Toyota Camry Release Date

2016 Toyota Camry Horsepower

The new 2016 Toyota Camry will be launched either at the end of 2015 or in the beginning of 2016. According to the prediction of some experts, the price will not differ a lot from the price for current model.

At annual automobile show in New-York an updated model of the Toyota Camry 2016 has been shown to all Toyota enthusiasts for the very first time. Developers have created thus spectacular vehicle for sale in the North American market. It should be said that this renew is significantly different from those options offered by the Toyota in recent years.

Almost every element of the car has undergone changes. In operation, the experts have taken into account the requirements of today’s drivers, and sought to find innovative approaches to create a standing model. In total, the company has developed two variants of machines and 4 types of equipment:

–          Hybrid SE (ecological model);

–          LE (basic model);

–          XSE (luxurious model);

–          XLE (premium model).

Technical characteristics

At the option of motorists, the vehicle will have one of three power units:

– 4-cylinder engine (178 hp power, engine volume 2500 cm3);

– A six-cylinder V-engine (engine volume of 3500 cm3, with a 6-speed automatic transmission);

– Hybrid engine (with E-CVT variator, engine volume 2500 cm3).

Size and dimensions

Dimensions of the auto have changed. Its wheelbase has been extended by 10 mm, and the length has been increased by 4.6 cm. The new body is available in 10 different colors. Among them, there are new, more original shades of silver and red.

Thus, to the launch date the vehicle comes with nine modifications that are different set of options installed. Toyota fans will have to select between several types of engines, the most voluminous of which is 3.5 liters. The car delivers over 248 hp.

An advanced security systems allows the driver ignoring noise on the roads. An updated version of the Toyota Camry 2016 has been tested for safety by ANCAP.


The new interior will be livelier than an old one. The buyers will really be impressed. The base model, the same as the older version, will include a modernized automatic climate control system. There will also be a new infotainment system with own app ecosystem. Car seats are equipped with comfortable armrests.  The manufacturer claims that the renewed Toyota Camry will have much more original and comfortable cabin.

2016 Toyota Camry Limited

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