2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid

2016 Toyota Camry Concept

At the world-famous Auto show, which has recently been held in New York, a new version of Toyota Camry was introduced. It should be noted that this update is significantly different from those options offered by the company in recent years.

Design features

The developers started the process of updating with the restyling of the appearance of the vehicle. The company’s specialists have worked hard, making distinguishing changes in the design. In total, Toyota has changed over two thousand parts. Over seven thousand specialists have worked on the progress of the design of the new automobile were about.

The car has a modern and refined design. It has a large front bumper, radiator grille with a huge and fashionable anti hazy headlights. Also, it has a sloping hood with ribs. The taillights include LEDs. The aerodynamics of the Toyota Camry is also good. It reduces the fuel consumption very much.

Technical characteristics

The new Toyota Camry has a gasoline engine, 1.6 liters in volume. It delivers about 80 horsepower. With the electrical appliance that adds one fourth of the total power of the motor, it can develop up to 100 horsepower. Good performance of aerodynamics and mass of the car, so it can reach the speed of 175 km/h. At the rear of the automobile there is an electric battery, which weighs about 46 kilograms. When speed mode is up to 50 km/h only an electric motor works. However, the gasoline engine switches on when acceleration starts. The company Toyota claims that the car fuel consumption in the city is only 2.6 liters per 100 km, which is very little. But the path of fuel flow increases as the engine starts working.

Designers also worked on the front optics – it set a new original lighting, which is created by the same kind as the turn signal repeaters. The main headlights have been slightly modified by designers, their shape have also changed. Electronic filling of the auto has been modernized – wireless charging for mobile phones is available for drivers now.

The front panel is placed in front of the driver`s monitor, diagonal is 4.2 inches. The screen displays the interface of multimedia. Display board computer is placed behind the wheel. Developers have tried to link these two screens. On a smaller device an information about the currently playing station or information that provides the direction-finding system can be displayed.

2016 Toyota Camry Interior

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