2016 Toyota Auris

2016 Toyota Auris Concept

Geneva motor show hosted a presentation of the updated Toyota Auris 2016. The car received a new grille, new front bumper, and LED optics, “shark fin” antenna on the roof and 16- or 17-inch wheels.

Visually a redesigned Auris can be easily distinguished by a modified radiator grille, new front bumper and headlights, made in the technique of the older Avensis model. Thanks to trim facelift the car looks more dynamic, but its value is noting that something similar you can find in the exterior of the latest models of Renault. Interior changes are minimal: updated instrument panel and air vents.

Technical characteristics

The automobile will be motorized by a new 1.2-liter gasoline turbo engine. It can reach speeds of 114 hp and has 185 Nm of torque. The updated car has a six-speed manual transmission and CVT Multidrive S. Toyota Auris 2016 accelerates from 0 to 100 in 10.1 seconds.

In addition, the range of engines includes an updated 1.4-liter diesel engine D-4D, 110-horsepower (270 Nm) turbo diesel power train capacity of 1.6 liters and a hybrid installation.

The Toyota Auris 2016 standard fuel use is 3.78 liters on 100 kilometers. The answer to such suitable fuel consumption is the fact, that to run at high pace, good power systems are frequently run on either inertia or electricity. Therefore, the car uses fuel just when there is really a need to do so.

In the line of motors hatchback was the choice of the new diesel and gasoline engines. The developers of this amazing mechanism in one voice say that they have added productivity and reduced appetite for fuel consumption. Moreover, the designers reported that the vehicle was dictated by day to day updates and security assistance systems.


Owing to the bigger mass the new Toyota Auris is well constructed for quick driving through curves. Hybrid is not projected for sports driving. It behaves in the best way in a moderate travel. In this case you will be able to enjoy a quiet ride with low fuel usage. Both Toyota Auris 2016 superiority and trustworthiness is warranted by the performance of every new model that came out of their factory. The result achieved with hybrid models are one of the best ones.

Inside, the new Auris a new infotainment system is installed. There is also another block of the air conditioning system, and a modified dashboard. Insulation has also been improved and finishing materials have been modified.

The release of a new car is being agreed at the moment. Sources at Toyota say that the new automobile will hit the industry in mid-2016.

2016 Toyota Auris Restyling


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